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6th-7th September 2017, Cenex-LCV, Milbrook, UK

DigiMan at Cenex-LCV, the UK’s premier low carbon vehicle event

IE has presented at the CENEX-LCV event in September, the DIGIMAN Project: https://www.cenex-lcv.co.uk/seminars/session/day-2-seminar-dome-advanced-manufacturing

DIGIMAN poster - Project Objectives & consortium - 30 June 2017

DIGIMAN poster was presented at EFCF2017, July 2017, Lucerne, Switzerland

Toyata Motor Corporation presented DIGIMAN project and its main objectives The DigiMAN project will raise the manufacturing level by introducing enhanced design for assembly, automated processes for assembly, inspection, and test, coupled with materials acceptance standards. EFCF2017 conference was held in Lucerne, Switzerland (4-7 July 2017) . .... Read More


Warwick Manucturing Group (WMG) at University of Warwick - Press release - 11 May 2017

WMG announce partnership with clean energy solution company Intelligent Energy

WMG at the University of Warwick are partnering with clean energy solution company Intelligent Energy to help develop manufacturing technologies via an advanced proof of process assembly line to significantly reduce the time to manufacture Intelligent Energy’s latest advanced air cooled fuel cell design, leading to a blueprint for a future fully integrated assembly and test line. .... Read More


Intelligent Energy - Press release - 8 May 2017

Intelligent Energy takes technical lead in programme to further develop fuel cell stack for future mass manufacture

A programme has launched to provide a blueprint to enable fully automated future mass manufacture of fuel cell stacks for the automotive market.  Intelligent Energy is the programme’s technology lead with overall coordination provided by CEA Tech-Liten. The two companies will front a pan-European industry group to further commercialise fuel cells for the mass automotive market .... Read More





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