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Context & Objectives




Current automotive PEM fuel cell stack manufacturing is very much oriented towards meeting the volume requirements of the day. Stacks are invariably built using components which in some cases are selected based on bespoke quality requirements. As a result manufacturing through-put is too slow and high in cost to meet the 2020 targets. If PEM fuel cells are to make a significant impact on the modern auto-industry in the EU, development of the manufacturing approach to all components must be made to facilitate high volume automated manufacture and inspection capability throughout the supply chain. The DIGIMAN project will raise the manufacturing level by introducing enhanced design for assembly, automated processes for assembly and inspection, coupled with materials acceptance standards.



General Objectives

The overriding aim of DigiMan, an industry led and commercialisation focused project, is to develop an EU-centric production capability for automotive PEM fuel cell stacks and their key components with volume manufacturing scalability and embedded quality control at its heart. The stack and components will be based on Intelligent Energy PEM fuel cell technology for automotive zero emission range extender application.

Specific Objectives

  • Delivering manufacturing maturity to fuel cell stack and components
  • Establishing an integrated European supply chain for key fuel cell components
  • Embedding quality in automotive stack production process to a ‘blueprint’ reference design, for full automation within an automotive value chain via PoP (Proof-of-Process) demonstrator testing and simulation tools.


Projects details

  • Start-date: 01st January 2017
  • Duration: 36 months
  • Type of action: Research and Innovation – Manufacturing technologies for PEMFC stack components and stacks
  • Grant number: FCh2 JU grant N°: 736290


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