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CEA Tech - LITEN, France -

Project coordinator

The CEA (French Atomic and Alternative Energy Commission), an internationally recognized public organization for technological research, carries out its missions in the domains of energy, information and health technologies and defense. CEA/LITEN (Laboratory of Innovation for New Energy Technologies and Nanomaterials) aims at developing new energy technologies and focuses on three key areas: hydrogen/fuel cells, photovoltaic energy and nanomaterials: (i) Technologies for motor vehicle transport, e.g. electric vehicle (fuel cells, Li batteries, production of hydrogen, purification, development of biofuels…) (ii) Solar energy for building (development of rank solar Si, increase in the output of the photovoltaic solar cells, electric systems, thermal systems, building integration…) (iii) Mobile electronics and high technology industry (micro energy sources, organic electronic devices …). LITEN is a major partner for industry with 350 partnership research contracts in course this year

CEA is coordinating the overall project and is also responsible of the work package 5 on digital material characterisation. Main tasks are relative to the screening of the GDL empirical properties to define the critical parameters for an optimal operation of the fuel cell (single cell).



Intelligent Energy Ltd., United Kingdom -

Digital Manufacturing work package leader

Intelligent Energy (IE) delivers clean energy solutions for the UAV, automotive and stationary power markets. We embed our fuel cell stack technology into products in co-operation with key industry partners to create solutions which extend their capabilities. We are a global business operating out of our UK base, with additional operations currently in the US, Japan, India, China and France.

IE will own the design of the fuel cell stack and define acceptable manufacturing tolerances for components’ and assembly processes for high volume production requirements, working seamlessly with WMG to ensure that the PoP Demonstrator in WP4 delivers the agreed KPIs. IE will also analyse the materials digital manufacturing cause and effects output data to establish characterisation with stack performance measures reliably meet operating requirements



Toyota Motor Corporation – Europe, Belgium -

Requirement Setting & PoP Measurement work package leader

Toyota Motor Europe (TME) is the regional headquarters of Toyota in Europe. Toyota operates 75 manufacturing companies across 28 countries globally, and markets vehicles in more than 170 countries, thanks to the support of a 320,000-strong workforce. Toyota began selling cars in Europe in 1963, has invested over €7 billion since 1990 and currently employs some 80,000 people. The European operations are supported by a network of 31 National Marketing and Sales Companies in 56 countries, around 3,000 retailers, and nine manufacturing plants. Since 1992, Toyota has been researching how to store the chemical energy between hydrogen and oxygen in a fuel cell that can drive a car long distances. In 2002, Toyota built the world’s first Fuel Cell Hybrid Vehicle (FCHV). Toyota’s current generation Fuel Cell vehicle the MIRAI entered the Japanese market and immediately received more than 1500 orders. In Europe the Mirai FCV has been launched in September 2015 in the UK, Germany, and Denmark. More markets will be added in 2016 and 2017, including Belgium, Norway and Sweden.

TME will provide its solid scientific background towards automotive manufacturing KPI /requirements and technology evaluation..



Freudenberg Performance Materials, Germany -

Digital QC & converting work package leader

The participating organization Freudenberg Performance Materials SE & Co. KG is a legal entity of the Freudenberg Group. Freudenberg is a family-owned group of companies active on the global stage. Its 12 Business Groups operate various markets and industry sectors. Creativity, quality, diversity and innovative strength are the company's cornerstones. Reliability and responsible conduct rank among the basic values of the company which was founded 166 years ago. Freudenberg is committed to partnerships with customers, and believes in a long-term orientation, financial solidity and the excellence of about 40,000 associates in around 60 countries around the globe which resulted in sales of over 7.0 billion € in 2015.

Freudenberg Performance Materials will take the lead on work package 3 which deals with gas diffusion layer properties and requirements, especially definition and classification of optical and structural defects, digital QC acceptance criteria, definition of roll-stock material handling formats and with respect to the interface and requirements of the PoP under work package 4.



Warwick Manufacturing Group, United Kingdom -

Cell Assembly PoP Development work package leader

WMG is an academic department at the University of Warwick, providing research, education and knowledge transfer in engineering, manufacturing and technology. Research in WMG is organized into three themes: Digital Technologies (including Digital Media & Innovation, Digital Product Lifecycle Management, Digital Healthcare, Cyber Security, Virtual Reality & Visualization), Materials and Manufacturing (including Additive Layer Manufacturing, Automation & Robotics, Experiential Engineering, Complex Systems and Product Evaluation Technologies). WMG is a partner in the UK Technology Strategy Board's High Value Manufacturing Catapult and also works on specific research programs alongside industrial partners.

WMG will take a leading role in the proof-of-process (PoP) development of the automated fuel cell assembly system. Based on automotive manufacturing industry experience of WMG and other partners, a key theme of the project will be to transpose automotive production best practice into the manufacture of fuel cell assemblies. The system is also expected to be an exemplar on Cyber-physical systems incorporating advanced data collection and part tracking, where WMG have key expertise.




Pretexo, France -

Knowledge Management, Communication & Dissemination work package leader

PRETEXO is a small company (EURL) created in 2007 by Dr Nathalie Cros. In collaborative projects, Pretexo has developed various activities to facilitate and improve information sharing, communication and dissemination between partners and towards the public.
Pretexo proposes its skills in various fields such as administrative management, reporting, implementation and maintenance of dedicated project websites and internal project workspaces, and meeting organisation. Pretexo's assistance allows the coordinator and each partner to focus on scientific aspects of the project. Pretexo is currently involved in administrative management and achievement of communication tools (web sites, internal workspaces, workshop organisations) of several European and French National Research Agency funded projects. Further, Pretexo provides complete organisational support for scientific international conferences.

PRETEXO leads WP7 and will help in particular in disseminating the project's results, editing the progress reports and deliverables.


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